Long Time Sweet Fuck All? 

Ok. So yeah, it's been really quiet here at ZEROZEROZERO. You know, life. 


Anyhoo, long story short, we've had some line up changes (2/3s of the band to be precise).


But now we're back and moving forward with our new bass player Ant and drummer Majx! Both guys have been ripping in and we're excited to announce ZEROZEROZERO's first real live gig on August 17 (check out the calendar page for all the deets) with more to come (unless we suck really really hard). 


Big thanks to Siv and Chavez for…

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So Wrong - Official Video 

The Bin Chickens of Middle Aged, Middle Class Punk are back with their new video for So Wrong

New Song - So Wrong 

So we've got our new song So Wrong up on a bit of a preview thingy on Jango.com

Have a listen and thumbs up - you know you want to.

Escape Video - Sneak Peek 

 Five days to go until our debut single Escape is released. So here's a sneak peek at the video...