So Long Time SFA (again...)

So getting on to about 2 years since the last news...

Well a lot of nothing happened in that time. I pretty much unilaterally put the band on hiatus. A bit of covid, a bit of the old 'musical differences', mostly because I'm a cunt. 


I would like to thank Ant and Majx. It was great to be able to record some new tunes and even get on stage. Bloody 'rona really stalled our momentum though and I just felt we weren't going to recover the early momentum we had going. (what a cunt eh?)

I had nothing but vague thoughts about maybe getting ZEROZEROZERO back up and going, 
some day.

But out of the blue earlier this year I was contacted by a complete random with a text message "are you looking for a drummer?"

So long story short after meeting up with said rando and working through a couple of potential bass players ZEROZEROZERO (v3.0) has had a complete rebuild with the finest German rhythm section, namely Thomas (aka rando drum dude) and Stephan (aka third time's a charm bass boss). 

And we're not fucking around. We have a couple of gigs coming up in Sept (well when I say gigs I mean Band Comp heats, but gotta start somewhere eh?). 

Tues Sept 5th at MoshPit Bar (fuck that's not far away...) and Wed 20th at Clarendon Tavern, so if your mum lets you out on a school night come along and check it out. We're sounding really good if I do say so myself. 

I expect you'll hear a fair bit more from us from now on. Thanks for all your support in the past and hopefully into the future.


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