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We're a Participation Prize Kinda Band

We came, we saw, we went home empty handed! We also had a fucking great time at the Clarendon Tavern Battle of the Bands last Wednesday. Massive, massive shout out to Leanne and First Shot Entertainment for a great promotion…

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Warmed Up and Raring to Go

It's a bit over a week now since we played the Rock the Mosh competition heat. Didn't get the win, but we won just by being able to get on stage and make some noise (losers always say shit like…

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So Long Time SFA (again...)

So getting on to about 2 years since the last news...

Well a lot of nothing happened in that time. I pretty much unilaterally put the band on hiatus. A bit of covid, a bit of the old 'musical differences'…

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New Video - Soon

New video for our single Soon available now on YouTube. 

New Single - Soon - Out Now! 

Good things come to those who wait, and shit just happens all the time. Have a listen to our new single SOON. Two years in the making, mostly because we're just really fucking disorganised. You'll probably love it, and if…

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SOON - Spotify Pre-Save

Support our shit by pre-saving and following us on Spotify. That way you'll get immediate access to our new single SOON as soon as it drops.

New Single - SOON - Teaser Video

  Get an early taste test of our upcoming new single SOON with the teaser video. Yes, we've let Ant loose on the vocals (he wrote the lyrics), and we've also let him loose on the video editing software...


Long Time Sweet Fuck All?

Ok. So yeah, it's been really quiet here at ZEROZEROZERO. You know, life. 


Anyhoo, long story short, we've had some line up changes (2/3s of the band to be precise).


But now we're back and moving forward with our new…

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